India Steggall

 Loughbourgh University BA Fine Art

art work 
art work 

The genres explored within my artwork are romantic contemporary realism, expressionism, contemporary figurative art, pop art, performance art and monochromatic photography. I have explored the concept of bodily fluid as emotional discharge. Or in other words, sweating out the emotional “dirt” to cleanse the body, restoring the mind and soul to calm. Similarly, to how sweating restores the body’s temperature. I did this by experimenting with non-toxic paint and the body to create a tactile, literal expression of sweating out emotion. Due to a lack of ability to photograph in a studio with models I asked my subjects to put paint on their body at their homes whilst isolating and send me "selfies" to work from. I then set out to recreate these photos in the divine cleansing scene I had imagined. This was achieved through use of emotive colour theory as well as gestural mark making. I then asked my subjects to write a letter of forgiveness to themselves to represent the cleansing of their true emotion and used key words to highlight and overlay in my artwork. Most of these turned out to be letter of forgiveness regarding how the subjects viewed themselves and how they held themselves to an impossible high standard; leading me to research selfie culture as I found the way that people were photographing themselves was mirroring the way that they wanted to be perceived (as well as fitting to keywords in their letters).

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