To submit work please provide a minumum of 2 and maximum of 10 images of you're work


If video or time based work. A short video to feature on our instagram page and on the website; if you'd prefer to submit a longer version for the website please provide and embed code from Youtube or Vimeo.

If you're submitting a written piece then the text in any any version of Word, Open Office or RTF is preffered. We'll discuss with you how this will feature as a journalistic piece might be advertised on Instagram and feature on the frontpage of the website rather than the work section.

Please also share a short bio about you and your practice including your Instagram or other social media handles and website if you want to publicise it. Also include which institution you're studying at and their social media handles if you know them and what level/year of study you're in.

Finally, we're thinking of adding a Work In Progress/In The Studio section where we share peoples home studio/workspace. Let us know if you think thats something you'd like to see/be interested in taking part in let me know and we'll assess whether there is enough interest

Submissions should be sent to